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How are Bruce and June feeling about becoming siblings? Read to find out.


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It takes a village to prepare for a new baby! Thanks for any support you can lend.




Though we can't get together in person, we figure we can still have some friendly competition!


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Cannot wait to read every book under the sun to Baby. Her highest hopes include sharing her love for the written word, fostering kindness and creativity, and enjoying the awe of seeing the world through new eyes.



Is stoked to be a big brother and has been waiting for this opportunity his entire life. Finally someone to shepherd around the house who can’t say no (yet!) or go lay down.



Is enjoying its 98.6 degree residence and growing stronger every day! Gender is presently unknown, but in hopes of making a solitary holiday more fun, Jack & Elizabeth plan to find out Baby's gender at midnight on NYE (if they can stay awake that long?). Stay tuned!



Is fully ready to be the embodiment of “dad rock” as he puts on a Springsteen record and practices jokes in the mirror. He’s hoping to raise a child who is compassionate, silly, a lover of music, and okay with having dad coach their basketball team.



Enjoys being the baby of the family and isn’t sure how she feels about having a sibling. As long at the kid doesn’t touch her bone, she’s pretty sure she can survive (little does she know she’ll be on a bone hiatus for years because that fight just isn’t worth it!).


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Games are open now through 12/5/20. December 5 is your last day to play and games will close at eleven PM EST. At said time winners will be determined. PRIZES will be sent to victors in the mail (so please remember to leave your address!). Also, beware that Nina is your true adversary in this arena. She has an uncanny knack for shower games.


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Notes & Blessings

We love words and because we don’t get to see or celebrate with you in person, we’d love you to write a note, a funny story, a blessing, well wishes, advice or whatever sort of words you’d like to share with us in this season. Messages are private (which may or may not matter to you, but would make a difference for us!).  After December 5, we’ll make ourselves a little book full of these notes and share it with Baby someday.


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