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Jack Droppers can’t do a cartwheel but you already knew that. You probably walked into the gig, took one look at that ragamuffin in a denim jacket, and said to yourself, “there is no chance that dad can do a cartwheel!” And you’re right, he can’t.  In fact, he can’t do a cartwheel, nor a backflip, nor a two-octave jump, nor write a hit single, nor be friends with someone famous, nor do more than one photoshoot a year. There is absolutely nothing flashy, sexy, or trendy about Jack Droppers & the Best Intentions.


Perhaps that is why Grand Rapids, a small city tucked away on the west side of Michigan, is the perfect spot for Droppers and co. to have handcrafted their discography. Once called “the furniture city”, Grand Rapids is home to artisans, builders, and a stubborn protestant work ethic. It’s not particularly pretentious and you probably won’t vacation here. It’s an apt metaphor for Jack Droppers & the Best Intentions who, after three self-released records and three EP’s, just released their fourth record titled "Scooter" in November of 2023.


This record’s got everything you’d expect from the band: thoughtful (occasionally tongue-in-cheek) lyrics, a few four-part harmonies, skillful yet restrained guitar playing, lush and layered keys, a song that is vaguely religious, a rhythm section you feel in your chest and not a single cartwheel.

"Scooter" won the WYCE "Alternative Album of the Year" in 2024

"Dad Rock" won the WYCE "Rock Album of the Year" in 2023

Here's what the people are saying about the band:

"It reminds me of Lord Huron, Polyphonic Spree, The Killers, who else is like, it's like a big atmospheric... that is a super song and that is MY CURRENT single of the year... Woohoo Dad Rock!"

- Paul Gallagher (former A&R for Creation Records and brother to those other Gallaghers) on "Welcome to the Party"

"Jack Droppers is as thoughtful a songwriter as any West Michigan has produced in recent years."

- John Sinkevics (Local Spins)

"The melody and lush instrumentals are gorgeous too, with jangly guitars accompanied by strings, mellotron, vibraphone and trumpet. I love it, and to this day I still get a big lump in my throat every time I hear it." 

-Eclectic Music Lover (from their "Top Songs of 2021" blog)

"This is infectious true American rock ‘n’ roll that deserves packed stadiums"  


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